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Mainland Companies

A Dubai mainland company is authorised to deal within UAE and to the world alike.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

LLC is the most common form of business enterprise in UAE. LLC company formation requires a UAE citizen known as the local sponsor or local service agent. The Industrial and commercial licensed companies need a local sponsor and they will hold a minimum of 51% of the shares and the remaining 49% can only be held by the expat.

A local service agent is required for a company formation under the professional license and the expat can hold 100% of the shares of the company.

VSP can provide the local sponsor and will provide all the agreements with the local sponsor to protect your business interests and money.


  • Industrial, Commercial and Professional License issued in the Mainland
  • A mainland company can be operated from anywhere in the country
  • Can rent or own offices in any part of UAE
  • Can do business with the entire UAE and the World
  • No Corporate taxes
  • 100% repatriation of capital & profits
  • No limitation in getting employment visa
  • The investor gets the investor visa under which he/she enjoys the investor’s status in the Emirates along with his/her family
  • The investor has the option to commence branches
  • The investor can manage the business without the day-to-day interference from the local partner
  • The assets and capital created will be in the name of the company and not in the name of the local national partner
  • Easy to open global/ local corporate bank accounts and avail credit facilities
  • While foreign equity in the company does not exceed 49%, profit and losses can be shared at a ratio different from the share capital